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This is an ancient body of Knowledge that was seeded onto the whole planet by a wonderful man called Ra Uru Hu. It took place on the 3rd Jan 1987. Funnily enough, I was 3 days of my 18th birthday when this event took place. Anyway, during his 8-day experience he was given a download of how we Human Beings have been designed. These are highly sophisticated vehicles we got temporary use of. The problem is many of us do not know how to work them. With Human Design we have a few different ancient teachings. It is all under one umbrella that is set up in such a way it gives those of us who discover it a way to map our own DNA and understand what drives us and helps us to reach those important life-changing decisions we have to make in our life. 

The first 7 years of our lives the conditioning sets in from our parent's schools etc. And it is not there fault as it happened to them also..its been happening for hundreds of years. So because of that we have kinda lost our way and we use our minds to make our those choices. Yet what Human Design will teach you is to go within and connect to those deep powerful senses we have. This is what is termed as De - Conditioning yourself and to really do it it does need time~ courage~commitment & dedication. This is a 7-year process to begin with. So anyway I digressed a bit there now back to business lol!

So we have things like the powerful I ching, The Kabbalah, Astrology, Chakra System and Science. What is so wonderful about it all is it is practical. There are simple strategies we got to follow within ourselves and trust so we can come from a place within to be our own unique authority and voice. We are all here to live out our own differentiated uniqueness as opposed to being the same as everyone else. We live in an illusion we call life that can make us think we are separated and of course we are not we are all deeply connected in the fabric of life. 

You will notice some images below and these are really important as they show you all the energy /chakra centers we have and where they actually sit in our physical body. We are deeply complex yet totally amazing. I am in awe of how this all works. So anyway the images below show you different shapes etc and in some people's charts we don't all have all centers/ chakras defined with consistent energy as ultimately every center carries a specific energy frequency to it. To find out more about this you can click here to visit my other page. 

The image to the left shows you MY chart this is who I am.  I have 6 consistent energy centers, very fixed in the way they operate as a mechanism and I can trust them. The three ones that are white I have had to go through the pain of experience to gain wisdom from them They are very open to being conditioned by others who come into my Generator Aura

Now the chart above is an example of one kind of chart I provide when I am doing a reading. It shows you a lot of information. The numbers represent the I chings these are quite literally the blueprint of the 64 codons of our DNA. You can see the astrology planets also. The channels represent the kabbalah and the consistent fixed energy they carry. The colored centers show your chakras you have. So there are so many layers to it all. The most important thing is to map it all together and understand how it all works within you. Below are more pages I have created and more to come I may add. It is a lot of information to piece together. So anyway enjoy your visit!

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