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What Does View Mean

In Human Design there are six different views and to me and this is how I personally see them. This is the way our mind formulates the world we live in. The View becomes the foundation of how the mind creates concepts. Now take myself, for example, I have a tone 3 power view. So I am here to see who has power who doesn't, keep score of things and see who the winners and losers are. This is so true for me I see it so well. Now with all these views they can transfer and go to there harmonic so in my case, that would be personal. So without any further ado Lets sample these different views more.

View One Survival
This is the first view tone one linked to the sense of smell and this is what you are here to see in the world. Mind you you will only see this way if you're operating your vehicle correctly. It is a very fixed way to see when you're correct. So if you see the following this is a good sign your really deconditioning yourself and following your inner authority.

People with their insecurities, their fears their stress their striving, their ambition their rage, etc. You are seeing all kinds of things. And what you are seeing is all the things to do with one's survival on this planet. 

View Two Possibility
So moving on we now tone 2 possibility and this one is linked to the sense of taste. This view is all about what could be possible. Seeing what others can't, mind you it doesn't mean to say it will actually be Possible. But it is for a better word that the hope is there that things this and that can be possible. This is a gift to be able to recognize what hasn't appeared yet, to be ready for it and another important aspect is the fact that it is your ability to be able to see the possibilities is what inspires your mind. 

View Three Power
I love this view as it is my view and it is linked to the sense of outer vision. I am able to see who is winning who is losing who is trying to manipulate and dominate and miss-use their power and sometimes its a fake power they think they got. But I'm onto all that. I keep score of this. I monitor things. Not the prettiest of worlds out there when I see this way because it is very much a dog eat dog world I see. I could be watching a game show for example and watching the contestants and I can get a sense of the winner, I can just see it and when they do win I'm all excited lol! I can also see who needs power and well this is really useful given my generator aura and sacral center, the power hub itself.

View Four Want

This view is all about connections those people who got something to offer you and you also got something to offer them. The opportunities that come with all that. Those truthful pieces of information you gather etc. So in a way, you could call it the people's View. Its how your mind is designed to see those people that are around you.

This view has a knack for knowing people really well and what it is they want. So the gift of seeing things in people like for example their potentials, capabilities, expectations and their intentions. And people with this view recognize an opportunity when they meet the right person. They do know who is useful or not. 

View Five Probability
Okay, so this view is way different to Possibility. This is all about knowing a fixed outcome. How things will unfold as opposed to how they could unfold. It is more structured and solid. The possibility has no place here. This is not about waiting for what is new and hasn't happened and also not sure if it would work etc because it is just a possibility. This is all about something already in existence that works and is something that is practically workable not broken or anything and can be shared with others.

View Six Personal

So now we come to the personal View. This is how it sounds your view of how you see things in the world. It's not interested in other views. This is your own little bubble world. We know that their job is about perfection, completion and, most of all, realizing the fullest potential and maintaining the highest possible standards. The Japanese expression, the Zen expression neti, neti; not this, not that—is the essence of 6-ness.  It is different.  The perfection of the 6 is that it is neither pulled to this or that. Also, the 6th line being is not here to be influenced.  But they are capable of influencing, the thematic in the line of trust, leadership role model etc. So really is a very personal view.