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Understanding Your Human Design Chart

So as you can see from the images above we got these different shapes with different colors.  When you see those colored shapes these are what I will call energy centers. What this means is they got a very fixed way of operating and being uniquely expressed. The energy is available on tap if you like its what you can actually rely on and it's not so open to conditioning from others. They are your trusted guides. They will help you to be able to live a healthier life and know who and what is healthy for you etc.  Now not everyone has a chart with all centers colored in some people have white centers. I myself have three that are white as you can see in my chart above. You may like to go to my other page to find out about the Defined Sacral Center

So this energy center is all about inspiration and asking questions so we can get to the bottom of the confusion mystery or doubts we got. In my chart it is white. What that means is I do not have a consistent way to feel inspired, but what I do grasp in my openness is others' inspiration. You can see I got a number and that's what is called an I CHING gate. More information will be coming soon about this. The I Ching consists of 64 gates. So there is much to cover on that.

Now you will notice its RED.. (we will cover this in another page what that all means..)  Some people though have this energy center colored in, so its fixed its constant energy that reaches a fixed way of dealing with the information of confusion, mysteries, and doubts that come to it. But the head center is also a storage facility all our memories are there from all or lives past and present.

Next, we come to my next center I have open and this is what we also call the mind, the inner eye etc..This is all about whether I can be mentally healthy about how my mind perceives things, for example, thinking I have to be certain and know things all the time. It is also very good when it's open (when that is, of course, we learn some wisdom,)  that it can be picking up on others' mental activity.

It can be picking up on all kinds of things. So I do not need to be on edge with worrying about what I cannot know or figure out right now. We are all very intelligent and answers come when they come or not. I can look at things from so many angels. That's my gift. I am not fixed here, my mental energy is not fixed to be a set way, its free to explore the depths when it feels it has to. Plus what my Ajna center also does is tap into my memories,  not that it can access them all but it does a good job at retrieving what it does.


With this center, it's all about our voice box. Having this defined in my case means I got fixed energy to be able to express my intelligence in a very consistent way.  Because this is what Human Design is all about. How we can communicate in this life, how we interact with others. There is much much more to all this but for now, I like to simplify as much as I can. Now some of us as you can see in my chart the energy to be expressed form this center is linked to my Spleen/ intuition as I will get to later. An open throat center will feel much pressure to talk, not knowing when to be quiet and also feeling the pressure coming to them from those who are defined. An open throat center can communicate in so many different ways. 


Next, we come to my higher self as I call it. This center in me is very fixed, It has a fixed way of knowing about what direction I am going in, how good a place feels to me. A very deep fixed sense of who I am and a deep love for myself and others. The energy is consistent in me so I don't tend to be worrying about where I'm headed and finding love.

In fact, this is like an internal compass. Mine is set to the north all the time. It's not got the hand spinning around looking for the north. Of course, if this center were open it would be the total opposite. everything is a duality so what is fixed had a certain theme and the openness is the opposite end of the spectrum and can cause a lot of deep anxiety. Looking to be comfortable wherever you go. Looking for love in all the wrong places. 


So in my chart, I have a defined will power center. I have a very fixed way in which I deal with this material world I live in. I have a very fixed way of how I like to do things. I am here to make promises to be of my word. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and I need proof always. 

I will put my heart and soul into everything I do and I also deeply care for those who are in my tribe. I got a drive in me to do things effectively and to be able to benefit others, but I also need to rest my heart center. This is the home of the heart center itself. Someone with an open ego center has not got fixed energy when it comes to making promises or making bargains. They can often feel a deep lack of self-esteem. This is the center of I AM..and my will, will be done.


So in my chart, I am open here, I am not fixed in the emotional field. In fact, I don't have a consistent way to deal with my emotions. I'm very sensitive to the emotions of others. If I am not careful I can be very reactive to that. In the past, I was really open to the emotional blackmail of others. It was as if they were feeling low they wanted me to feel the same and take me down with them. It did work for a while until I had enough.

I used to end up making rash decisions based on how I was feeling when I was around those who were defined. My family was emotionally defined so it was difficult and I had no understanding of the mechanics at work back then. Anyway aside I do have my own emotions. And I do have the ability to know my own truth at the moment. I have learned wisdom from my openness over the years. 

When the emotional field becomes too much for me. I must be alone, go for a walk. Cool my jets down as I call it. Emotions create heat. So its finding ways to deal with the heat a good way to release that tension is crying at least that's what I do. Those who are defined operate on a wave, they cant know certain truths in the moment time is needed. The more time took the clearer things to become. 

But those who are defined there is a whole different experience. I have come to realize over the years being around emotionally defined beings that you guys are soo sensitive and tapped into the emotional energy of the whole planet. This is why I feel you go through those different waves of emotions. It also seems for example if you wake up in the morning feeling great what can trip that to be a really horrible negative feeling is those around you. Their words can affect you deeply.

They can make your emotions go through those different waves that hit you. Often two emotional defined beings can find it hard to talk because both are so fixed in their emotional energy, they cant often see another way. Many defined emotional people have often said its much easier to talk to those who are open there. So something to think about. Obviously there is a lot more to all these centers I'm giving you a sample if you like. 


This is an amazingly powerful energy center that has a voice that alerts me of so many things. The heart of our intelligence. Its all about our survival in the now. This center being fixed allows me to be spontaneous at the moment. I can get intuitive hits about all kinds of things and people. It's deeply tunned into sound and smell and taste. 

It is a very ancient center. All about survival. Now with survival because I got a very fixed immune system I can take it for granted my health if I am not listening to that inner voice that is. This is also a center where our fears are housed, Over the years I have come to have less of them and trust that my intuition will get me through all kinds of things and situations. This is also about our lymphatic system. 

It also helps me to let go of what and who is not healthy for me. I can just know in seconds if someone is not who they seem and I will unplug them for my energy. Those who are open can be too clingy, holding onto those things that are truly not healthy for them and are toxic for them too.  But they got real wisdom of how to take care of there body to. They can often help others to heal. It is said an open spleen is not good with over the counter medications and a more natural herbal route is better. That could be open to discussion and interpretation because if we get ill we might need those over the counter medication. So I'm kinda on the fence with that one.


So as you can see mine is defined and so I have a very fixed way to deal with pressure. Not that I often feel actual pressure, but when it arises I can deal with it in a calm way. It is also responsible for the production of adrenalin. 

I see that people with this center open can feel like they got to do things quickly, get it over with so they can no longer feel that pressure build-up.  It can affect their body in a negative way getting them to do all kinda things to take that pressure away. In fact, what they sense is the pressure from those of us who are defined..its tricky business the defined centers and open centers, everything is a receptor and filtering agent.

The Root Center and the Head center are the two areas that cause us so much with things that don't matter and get things done at a super-fast speed to take that build-up of stress away from you, so you can feel calm again.

The image to the left is an interesting piece taken from an HD book I have. It's amazing to think of our Head and Ajan Centers. So enjoy the read. I get that soo much there was a time I thought about things and honestly, it literally did my head in. I said to myself it's not worth my energy this. So yes the wisdom of our open centers is really valuable.

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