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Welcome to Discovering Your Sense.

In our Human Design chart we see this term sense. Now that can be a little confusing to some people. What it essentially means is, this is how you see those people who are in your environment who come into your aura. It's how your body interprets its frequency. It is how your body and mind will feel and react. Some of us need people who feel secure some of us are uncertain and some of us will judge others to accept or reject them too. Many combinations and ways of feeling, sensing, interpreting etc.

Now in human design we have the terms that some people have a left variable or a right variable. If we look at the image above you can see red arrows at the top of my chart pointing to the right and left. Each way they point means a different thing. Some of us are strategic and focused (left arrows) and some of us are NOT focused and are taking things in like a sponge. Essentially a resource for others.

There are six different aspects to these and I will give you a brief description below and I say Brief because there are many layers to them. And because we are all unique and individual we are all going to have different experiences in how these get expressed. so let's get started. The first three are all to do with the left variable, so very focused and strategic and based on your survival and each of these categories is linked to a biological sense.

Sense One Security.

This is linked to the sense of Smell. It is all about how you view those people who come into your aura. So how secure do they feel to you? Is there fear here. How do they smell to you? Because this is in the spleen area it is all about survival. So quite primitive in away. So what would you have to do in order to feel safe around these fact, do they make you feel safe? is there fear in you. 

Sense Two Uncertainty.

 Sense Two Uncertainty. This is linked to taste and is also linked to the spleen area and this is all about being uncertain about the other and about life etc. So, a question I Have is how do they taste to you. You could look at that as okay how do their words taste to you for example. It is interesting if you were to have a few people witness the same thing each one would have a different way of telling the story. So, this uncertainty in you is a powerful drive. Being uncertain and embracing that knowing in time certainty will come. We might have to wait for a little but it will come.​

Sense Three Action.

This is now moving away from the spleen area and entering into the Ajna/mind side. This is linked to outer vision. it is a very focused seeing and what it sees in the environment and those people who come to you. What you see in them visually what can be done with all that. What kind of action needs to be taken for example. What can be benefited and gained from it? Now because it is ajna center it also means you're the kind of person who needs some kind of mental stimulation. So is the other stimulating enough for you. It also does require your mind to have periods of rest. But for the most part what is the visual showiNG you with the other.

Sense Four Meditation.

Again we are in the Ajna center but we are moving now to the right variable. So this is no longer linked to survival. We are in new territory. This is a little different from the action. This is all about a calm meditative mind as opposed to an active one. It also needs mental stimulation but requires periods of rest so it can go back to experience to revisit it. There is nothing to do with what you see in the other other than taking in the experience and storing it and letting it be pulled from you at a later date. So a quite relaxed chilled mind, as opposed to an active, focused one. So those people who come into your are they looking to you and over time. what have you noticed when your mind is calm and reflective and does it periodic rests. At times you do need a break from mental activity.

Sense Five Judgement.

This is my sense. So I got a good insight into how it works. So now we are totally in right territory and moved away from the Ajna center to the solar plexus. We are now dealing with feelings and sounds. In order for us to make a good judgment. We need to feel people out and tune in to how they sound to us. And in my opinion that leads you to accept or reject them. The solar plexus center is all about that in my opinion. There is a lot more to this..its deep stuff but I'm skimming the surface here. I can give you a sense of what this is all pointing to and that is the deep physical sense we will experience in our body.

Sense Six Acceptance.

This is like judgment in a way but is slightly different this is all about touch. How people touch you. Now that touch can be a physical thing. If you touch there skin what do you get and the skin is really important too. If there skin feels good you will be more accepting of them. Skin ain't right you could well reject them. Its cyclical like judgment so time is needed to be impacted by how your body is touched by them or not overtime.

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