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Welcome to Primary Healthcare System. This is a huge part to digest and it is really the deep mechanics of how these vehicles we have use of operate. There are six topics that fall under PHS. and all are equally important to grasp because they are what literally makes up your Inner Authority.

So let us begin with the first one that I consider priority and in Human Design Terminology this is called Motivation. There are six unique ways our minds are designed to conceptualize and digest information and ultimately express what has been processed to other beings. This is the key to your success in how you can align your inner intelligence, those deep and powerful biological sciences that reside within you. It is amazing to unlock them and really strengthen then so you can then live out the life you are supposed to. We all have a purpose in this life. Many of us have strayed from that. Below I will give a brief description of each motivation.

This kind of mind is all about getting to the bottom of things to find that one piece of truth which can help you to ensure your own survival. Being able to smell out your surroundings, those people in your life situations life presents to you. Knowing that the people there are of equal footing. No need for Leaders, Masters here. This teaches you how to be healthy and secure.

So this kind of mind is the opposite of fear. This is all about narrowing things down to what you actually need in this life. It is here to be a master of your life. You know exactly what you need to do.

No need to be in survival mode and fear, no need to hoarding having this and that just in case of the what if's. Plus also really important to have the right connections in your life..those correct people.

This kind of mind is all about waiting and being in hope. Knowing what to wait for and in turn trusting in the waiting that you will in time get what you want. There is no need to try to push things or fix things. It never works when you do that. You are here to allow others to be hopeful too. Lift them up inspire them with your hope.

This kind of mind is all about fixing things. Here to get our face into things. Take action. If we do not fix things and instead do nothing as in being in hope guilt soon kicks in. It is a powerful urge and drives in us to fix. 

We are here to make the call, were messengers, heretics. People project things on us all the time. It's quite a thing to witness. Plus our biggest thing we fix is the mind. And we have a real gift of having a deep impact on strangers.

This kind of mind is all about your own desires for change. For example you see someone change there life for the better and your like wow. How can I do that. Your also about action and being a leader if I can say that.  People will follow you and your examples of your life changes. Plus you get locked into things,, this fire that fuels you. 

This is the kinda mind that doesn't want to be be involved . It just wants to do its own thing. You could say that it is a way of being. When I say that I mean this is a journey all about you and you being selfish and that's not a negative. But its important becuase this is your own personal and you come first.

You are not here to really motivate or change others. Just to be here and observe it all, what this life is all about. In a way its being disconnected. Yet you also by your innocent ways inspire others becoming a role model for them. 

So all those descriptions I have given in my own words is just a very very basic description. There are deep deep layers to them. What it all points to is the fact most of humanity is not correctly motivated and as such it causes us deep mental anxiety and physical problems surface in the well being of our bodies.  It is so easy to be pulled off our path.

So with your Human Design Generator Reading, I can help you see where you need to be. You can also join my Membership Generator Forum. You can follow this link for details and prices. It is a great way to really dig into your chart and explore all these deep aspects more with others.