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Inner Authority & What it Means

So you have just found out about Human Design. You have your chart and there is information on there and you wonder what it all means. It can seem a little overwhelming to begin with. But there is an easy way to understand all this. So lets begin to unravel the mystery. 

Now before we go any further I want to suggest if you have not gotten your chart then I can provide a free basic one for you. Should you want to have a more advanced one then you can go to my other page. Just make sure you supply me with all the necessary details.

So once you have your free chart you will see a lot of information on it. If you look at the two images below you can see what I am referring to. Those are actually my chart images. You can see my design view and personality view. And so now we need to start looking at what all that means. What your Inner Authority is comprised of.

So we got 6 terms to look at and discuss. By clicking on the names below you can visit those pages to find out what they mean. 

They are basically what makes up your Inner Authority and what is there to Guide your sacral center as to what it has energy for or not. To me there is a heirachy involved in everything in life. The top of the pyramid is Motivation it is top dog as it plays such an important role in our physical well being and psychology.  Below are some snippets I have taken from some of my HD books that I have. The words are from Ra Uru Hu. 

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So what I would love to do here is a little experiment with you. This website has a good few pages and lots more to come in time but for now with what you been learning about your design. I have three questions for you. If you feel the response to answer flow around this then please do. You can contact me and send me your insights and I shall post them here.

I am now offering some advanced charts should you wish to purchase them. To Order one please supply me with the following and use the contact form below to email me your information. I need the following exact date, time year place and country of birth. For example
5th Jan 1969 time 12:00pm Paris France.
Price is $5 Click here to make your payment.  P.S Please allow 3-5 days for your chart to be emailed to you.