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This is an area I feel needs to be discussed. As Generators and Manifesting Generators we are all completly unique and different. When I talk here about Generator type I am not referring to our Inner Authority. I am referring to the actual design aspect of the bodygraph and then the personality aspect.

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As you can see from my chart to the left of this page. My design (red) is that of a Splenic Projector with the channel 16-48 and my personality (black) is that of an ego projected projector with the 25-51 channel. Now what this means for this hybrid vehicle of mine is. I am by design and personality a projector but I have a Generator Aura. So my strategy is to wait to respond to the life that comes to me. Aura is what strategy is all about. 

Some Generators are by design and personality actual Generators. This makes them really different. They are more in tune with the sacral center its sounds etc. We all need to respond to life, allowing things to come to us but I sense there is a slight difference. I know energy-wise if I compare myself to my brother he is a Generator Design and an Emotional Projector Personality he has a lot more energy than I do. This is a deep area that needs to be explored a lot more. 

So with myself, I can guide people as a projector can do. I do deeply see the other. I can penetrate to the core and well my incarnation cross is penetration.

So it is really fitting for my purpose in this life. I do need to be invited and am here to find success. Plus I myself project out the invitation for others to respond to. The invitation can work in many ways. And when I do that I can soon see who responds and if it dont work. I cast my rod out in another direction. 

Really what makes me different from a projector is just my aura. Also, my energy levels are different too. I do find I need to rest a lot. In the past, I got to admit I did feel the bitterness of not getting the recognition. It was a horrible feeling.

Other Generator Types can be reflectors on the design and personality making them way different too. Moon is a thing for them I'm thinking they feel more connected to it than myself. The reason being a reflector has to wait out the 28 lunar days and they sample people too. They are great observers and carry much wisdom with them sampling things. 

So these are important aspects to really be aware of in your chart. So many different factors to look at and what works for one Generator could be a whole different story for another. It is important to always remember we are all unique and all the different areas of this body of knowledge will be played out differently in us all. So the Generator types are a very important area. Plus it's not just Generators its the different types of Projectors and Manifestors. They fall into the same category.

Its why I was sensing that some projectors are better than others at guiding. And why I also was feeling some Manifestors are good guides. Plus also there is something else in the mix. The image above of all the different types of channels. You look at your own chart, we all can carry different themes for example.

(1) Projected channels when not self can carry Bitterness.

(2) Manifesting channels when not self can carry Anger.

(3) Generating channels when not self can carry Frustration.

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