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What Does It Mean For A Generator To Respond 

Being A Generator

Now let's think of the movie Avatar. I know many will have seen that. The real powerful movie as is the Matrix. So anyway we got this Avatar its called a body. It has a built-in technology with all these tools at our beck and call to use to animate it. This avatar is a great gift for our soul/spirit to have use of. When we are born we drop into these forms. But how the heck do you use them? Just like the movie when the guy first got into his avatar bodysuit he had to learn real quick how to use it.

So here we are us Generator Avatars. How the heck do we use them. So below is my awareness of this. I see much confusion so I was doing a bit of digging around these words Generator Response and what it means to be this Avatar. So it got me thinking okay It seems like I could write a thousand words and very few people understand what I'm saying. It doesn't seem to compute so I went okay! Let me try an image to show what it means Images as we all know can be so powerful and in looking at them you are responding to it in some way. But let's stay with this and dig deeper.

So our aura is Magnetic get it! as the image says (Q) What did the paper clip say to the magnet. (A) I'm attracted to you !!!! Our aura attracts everything to come to it. So I thought it would be great to look up what the word means in the online dictionary. So here is an image of what I found.

So looking at that word your Generator Avatar can respond in many ways and response can lead to the following:

So many words I could write but perhaps you guys reading this could add more if you feel the response to do so that is. See this is what makes me laugh were all responding and for the most part, we don't even see that we are. My body intelligence which is my tone 4 inner vision which guides my sacral center and has been observing a lot and I see a load of confusion and how words can be so manipulated and are meant to confuse. So yes I have INITIATED here due to my incarnation cross of penetration and my motivation. Everything I am doing is responding. BODY INTELLIGENCE is BOSS MIND IS NOT.

So my intelligence has to find a way to be expressed and that comes through responding. And that literally comes then out of my mouth in spoken words or my fingers typing as I am doing right now and I NEED my MIND to help me do this. But my mind had to surrender to its new role. It has no choice and to me, this is where people get to locked into words here.

When Ra Uru Hu was talking about NO Choice he was talking about the not-self mind. I mean what choice does it truly have when it is not in control of anything. To illustrate this more can you imagine if you had to be consciously aware to make your blood pump around your body. How long do you think you would live? id say not long. The mind is not the boss it is there when it's under control and knows its place to be of assistance. Not here to control this movie we live in. Not here to control the avatar but here to assist it.

So to me, a lot of HD language and words Ra spoke were all pointing to describing how the not-self operates that's why we can relate to it so well. What he wasn't able to say what the true self would like the look. How would the true self express its responses? How would the true self express its motivation for the example given the fact we are all unique and individual and meant to be that way?

However not many are. This is what this knowledge came to the planet on a 3rd 1987. So anyway Responding comes in soo many forms. Waiting is the part people struggle with. Yet there is a divine law in action at all times that we must all flow whether we like that or not. We really have not got a say in that. For example, a tree cannot say to the weather that in winter gonna fast forward right now to spring so I can grow some leaves.

That won't work it has to wait. All the different types in HD have to wait. A projector has to wait to be invited by life by people in situations. A manifestor also has to wait before they inform timing is everything. Get it wrong anger will emerge for them. A projector that doesn't wait will feel bitter if they invite themselves and their words they say. Reflectors got to wait out the lunar cycle. If they don't wait till the time is right they will get some kinda resistance too. They will omit from there aura disappointment. The aura is what holds the power here. It has its own built-in law so as Generator. We got to:

(1) Wait.

(2) When life comes to you or something comes to you that gets your attention that stimulus you will respond to that. You will give your energy to it. The sacral center is the LIFE FORCE ENERGY of the planet. We are connected to that. We give out that frequency 24/7 we literally bring and give life to everything with that sacral energy. That is HUGE and that means one major thing here. YOU carry a huge RESPONSE-ABILITY on your shoulders.

(3) If we do not follow our law we will give out frustration and also anger too if your an MG. So that affects everyone everything. Every bird.. fish. insect.. plant.. the animal has a defined sacral center. So we affect them they affect us we are bonded. We are connected.

(4) So how do we know what and who gives life to give our energy to? Well, this all comes down to going within and understanding how your actual Inner Authority Works. We know in HD Ra taught us we as Generators got two options:

(1) sacral center

(2) solar plexus center.

They are two different centers but only one of them gives life to everything so what it all boils down to is how long we wait before we give energy to whatever it is we are responding to. Now we are all led to believe that it is the surface as I call it the sacral center that is Authority well Like ra says here. It looks like that is a top dog but it is not. Let's look at what he had to say on this:

So thats a little bit about the generator response. What I also would liek to suggest should you want to really divve deeper into your chart and also have some creative fun. Below I have created an image its a little something that came to me to do a response of mine from my inner vision. 

So anyway I wanted to share it with you to help inspire you to be creative and help you to see what you been learning about yourself and your chart. This little image called Gilly's Storybook. If you feel you would like to do your own please do and it you would like to share it with me and others, then please contact me so I can post your storybook here too.

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