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Six Different Enviroments Your Body Is Designed to live In

In a Human Design chart, we have an area called PHS. which is all about the deep senses that are guiding us in the invisible realm to help us know who and what to give energy to guidance etc. This to me is actually how your Inner authority is made up. All these components.  So let's take a closer look. The first thing to know we have a left fixed and right fixed environment. with the first one being very focused and strategic looking at those patterns and seeing what action you can take by what you have seen with your active mind.

The right fixed is the total opposite of that. Relaxed flowing taking it all in like a sponge and having it pulled out of you at a later date what was pulled form you. Now the important thing to really consider about this topic is. The environment is not just about a physical place it is really about those connections your gonna meet who are there for you in some way and vice versa.

Plus it can be anywhere in the world to its not specific places. Then, of course, there is a whole other way to look at the environment from a spiritual aspect within you is the environment. You are it taking it with you wherever you go. All is within after all. So without further ado, let's take a look at these. Now I write in my own words as much as possible as How I understand them from my own experiences.

Caves Selective/ Blending.
Okay, so this is the first one What this represents is a place where you can feel secure. This is actually my environment. I am a homebody if I can put it that way. I love the security my home gives it. It's comfortable and I control who comes in it. I'm really picky about that. I also have come to realize it ain't about having one door in. I honestly don't buy into that. I remember reading a cave could be a car and well confusion hit me but a car has more than one door !!! so I soon dismissed that one. 

Now another aspect to me is also about how secure those people feel to you. I think that makes all the difference too. Also, we can live anywhere. I read we are built for cities well some may well be but for me personally having indirect light as my design color determination my body is really sensitive to frequencies etc and auras, so no I'm always tense in a city can never wait to leave it. Some other determinations might be cool with that like nervous for example needing a bit of action activity around when you're eating your food but for me no thank you. Plus I find as a cave person I have an invisible barrier in front of me. I do not like anyone steeping into my space. That annoys me. The boundary line is there do not step over it. 

Markets Internal/ External.
This is an interesting one. To me, this is all about doing the business of some sort or having things come to you so you can give energy to its life to it. Now it could be the services you offer and also the fact you're investigating a market place itself. Now internal markets could be also looked for example the internet is a great tool to use to research the global market place and all from your home..No need to go out into the physical external market place. Now if you are a walking market then all the skills in you will at some point be recognized and people will find you come to you for your support services you offer etc. Also, external markets can mean you being in and around a market place where there is a lot going on its very visual and appealing to you. 

Kitchen Wet/ Dry.
This is a place that's all about a bit of transformation and the quality of the air as in a moist air compared to dry air. So this kinda environment requires changes to be taking place within you and others. And the air quality comes into it. The Wet aspect could signify something like a steamroom..the dry could be like a sauna.  So now let's look at that as in, for example, there are some places in the world where the climate is moist more rain a bit more damp and other climates where it is drier climate a dry heat. Then we look at the activity going on within the place when it says kitchens to me it's signifying that air quality an oven, for example, is a dry heat. And this is not to say we should all we living and working in a kitchen.

The metaphorical aspect is the fact a kitchen is transforming. It's creating and making food. Some kitchens as we know create all kinds of wonderful intriguing lovely tasting delicious food.  So take that to the spiritual aspect are you living in an area where life and the people around you are tasting good to you. New things are being created. I'm putting this out to see what you guys get from this. Ra's used keynotes to describe a lot of things but its a basic template. It needs to be adjusted as its a guideline.

Mountains Passive/Active
This is an interesting environment that's all about the oxygen levels. So bodies designed for different levels of oxygen intake we know the higher up you are the less oxygen we have and some people need this. Now that doesn't mean to say we got to live up a physical mountain. In fact, the elevation is a big theme too When you are on a higher level you get to view what's down below you. It gives you a different perspective. So a high riser can be a mountain also. One person I spoke with felt like okay so if at a meeting I stand up I can see everyone below me making it a better observer positon. 

So looking now at that from our psychology and wellbeing. How are those around you spiritually are they aware as you are they on your level or are they below you. Can they climb up that mountain with you or are they not yet ready? To me, this is a bit of an opportunist role in taking those you meet in your network to new levels of awareness or not.

Valleys Wide/ Narrow.
This kind of environment is linked to the sound. This is a place where you are going to be able to hear things. Now we all know when you live in a small place sound travels around fast. If something happens many people in a short space of time get to know about it. Gossip travels fast. So this kind of environment could be all about this. Plus bear in mind the environment is all about the people you meet. So what you hear and what you feel is gonna make a difference to. It can be a place where if you got something to offer others it could travel fast and seamless where the communication is in tune. Things flow. Now, this environment can be anywhere in the world. So no specific place even your home could be the Valley with the perfect network set up.

Shores Natural / Artifical
This environment is about water. But it's not just water a big theme here is contrasts. So the contrast between a city and the countryside for example. A contrast in people, life, etc. So many contrasts to be seen all around. It is a 6 theme so there will be observing a lot here too and the question I have is doing the environment and the people touch you in a certain way. The energy to the place etc. We know the environment for us is really important because it is about those connections we are going to encounter where we can opportunities etc. I like to look at the environment for this kind of perspective. And so if we are the environment within then what contrasts do you see in yourself.