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What Are The Six Determinations

So there are six different ways we are uniquely designed to take in food etc. Some are what is termed left fixed and some are right fixed. I have created images above to show these. Okay so let us take a look at what Determination means. In Human Design we have a very deep body of knowledge called Primary Health System and this is key for us all to follow and lets us see exactly how our unique Inner Authority Works.

Now it doesn't matter what type you are it a Generator~ Manifesting Generator~ Projector~Manifestor~Reflector. The formula is still the same across the board. So Determination is another word for Diet and it's all about how we nourish our body our brain, how life and people nourish us too.

Now it is good to look at this from a few different angles as I said this is not just about the food we are talking about this is life people, places, so many levels to this. So let's take a closer look and this is all from my own perspective, my words which are based on my own observations and experiences with Determination. So let's dig a little deeper now. Now before I get into this remember this comes from the design sun earth in your chart. Ra called this color and because it is the design side its now access to it unless it's pointed out to you then awareness can kick in..So lets now look deeper...

Color ONE 
All about a very simple primitive diet. Taking into your body one thing at a time. Being very rigid with this. Now life and people could be looked at at the same. Taking in one bit at a time..piece by piece letting it digest fully before you move onto the next one. Plus add to the mix your sense of smell. A very rigid and simple diet regime is needed. Being very selective about what goes in your mouth that ultimately affects your own health and survival

All about being open or closed off to certain foods or not. Again very simple ingredients as this is also a very primitive digestive system. So in life, there will be things you are closed off to or open to. Taking those things people etc into your body so you can digest it. This is deeply linked to taste so what flavors do you feel in your mouth. I have been told by some who have this determination for eating locally produced and in-season foods are good for them. So what your body is open to so it can narrow it down to what it is closed off to and then the opposite of closed of not open to certain things so a very rigid routine.

This is all about the temperature of the food you take into your body. So whether that be hot or cold..and your body will be fine tunned to that set temperature. So then look at life and people what are you hot and cold too. What heats your body up to make it feel good what cools your body down to make it feel good. This is also linked to vision. So what you see does it feel good to nourish your body with that or not.
Now when we come to the next three colors we are dealing with a more sophisticated digestive system and instead of being really focused on the specific ingredients and being rigid with those, we have evolved and we are now dealing with circumstances in which your body is in when it's digesting whatever it's digesting.

Color FOUR
So with this color, it's about your body being calm or nervous. So environments that demand that.  So how then do you take life and people in, do you need to be calm to digest them? Do you need to be nervous and then the question is, how do they affect you. Do some make you calm or make you nervous. Linked to your own little inner maia. So you taking things in deeply over time. Time is needed to digest life and food. There is also another aspect to this. The circumstances our body is in when we are eating the food. As for color 4, you have the ability to demand a calm or nervous environment around the dinner table. Perhaps needing silence so you can be calm or action and noise so you can be more on edge nervous. Amazing how these machines operate. 

Color FIVE
This all about sounds your body is in when it digests its the specific sounds your body resonates with and only you can know how that feels. Then look at life look at do they sound to does life sound to you do you need specifics sounds to be playing around you when your taking in information, worth looking at. This is deeply acoustic so sounds, what you are hearing. Do those sounds make you feel things. Can you tell by the taste of food if it was made from love or not what can you feel about the food the place the staff etc?

Color SIX
This is all about the light being in suitable light that the body feels good in so indirect artificial light or natural bright daylight. The shades the contrasts so with life and people taking it all in, when in the right kind of light. Do people light you up..or dim you down. Does life have that effect too? Everything is contrast so worth exploring this perspective. This is all about touch so what contrasts in life touch you deeply to light you up etc. Many ways to look and think about this.

Another aspect of indirect light is the fact we got more passive bodies as a lot of our energy is going to what we see, the visual. We are known as the watchers and take in a lot of information from the light field. A good thing to do when it comes to food is to be able to cook our own food so we can touch it. Know exactly what is in the food before we eat it. I personally love to do just that and if I go out for a meal which isn't often I like to be able if possible to see the kitchen and the chef. see how they look and feel to me.