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This is a huge part of our design. It is actually our strongest sense. Most people becuase they are not operating there vehicles correctly there cognition becoems a little dormant. To be correct in this life is a bit of a process and when we are not living correctly and the not self is running the show the mind takes over and talks so loud to us that it silences out our cognition. Not only dont we hear it we dont even trust it. To be following your Inner Authority means to really go within.

So the question is how do you unlock your cognition. Well as we know when we come into this body of knowledge your are told to follow your Strategy and Your Inner Authority. Now depending on what type you are..will depend on the startegy. For example as a Generator I have a defined sacral center. So my Strategy is to Respond. My Aura allows me to do just that. Because my aura is open, it surrounds everything. It is like a black hole things naturally are drawn to it like a magnet. So I then have my Inner Authority to now look at.

In my case it is my Sacral Center the life giving energ of the planet. It is a powerful center. But what many people do not seem to grasp is there is a whole structure of deep senses that guide it. The sacral center is here to give life to things. Give its energy, question is are we giving energy to the correct things or not. Now an uninformed sacral center is not good. Mind will love that. Will jump on that. 

So to free ourself from that we need to follow a little startegy here which is you could say 6 vital steps to follow.

(1) Understand your Motivation.
(2) Understand Your Sense.
(3) Understand your Cognition.
(4) Understand your Determination.
(5) Understand your Enviroment.
(6) Understand your View.

So as you can see in the image above we got six different cognitions six-strong senses that guide our surface authority whatever that happens to let's take a closer look at the Six Cognitions.

Now as it says for example smell this is not just about a physical smell although that is a part of it there are deep layers to all this. One person I spoke to recently said smell has many layers to her... so you see sometimes you can smell when things are off with people as an example. But however, your body decodes smell if this is your cognition it is guiding your sacral center. The smell can also be about your own survival. It's linked to the splenic your immune defenses & your intuition.


So taste again many layers to this one too. How things taste to you physically and mentally. One person who did one of my classes said she could literally taste someone's breath...taste their words..a question I have for you. How does life taste to you? Does it appeal to your taste? When it comes to your sacral center what it has a taste for could be a really good experiment for you helping you to really see if what life is coming to you it does indeed have the right taste to it. I'm just putting this out to you to ponder.


This has been described as a very focused kind of seeing. A seeing that wants to take some kinda action with what it is seeing. It has been described as your eyes being like a camera lens. It's taking those shots..clicking all those details at that moment. Then doing something with those images you have seen. Now, this is more of a focused way to see. More strategic The visual in everything will be important to your sacral center for example as to what it will give its energy to. When we come to the Ajna Binary we are entering into the mind itself and how it sees the world it lives in so outer vision is the maia you are your own unique way of course.

This happens to be mine so what I can share with you guys is this is a seeing that is not focused. It's all relaxed. It is seeing over time. Again it's in the Ajna center and its to see what the Maia could possibly be. I find I can get lost in my own little absorbed and flowing. I can't put my mind under pressure it has to be relaxed. So it is like having a relaxed gaze. No purpose to it till it sees the full picture then things can be done. 

It is also about taking time out mentally from things. Having those rest periods. Because in those periods I can go back to revisit an experience and be able to take it in more. It's like little bites at a time you could say...those little snippets..and each snippet slowly starts to reveal more of the bigger picture. Once I have gone back a few times or enough I soon see the actual image.

This is a really interesting one. In the solar plexus yes about what you feel. How you people feel but a big thing with this one is feeling is linked to sound also. Now think about what you actually hear..then see how it feels to you. How do those tones and sounds feel what insights do you get from them? I also see from people I know with this cognition it's like they are almost getting insights into things that haven't actually happened but will be happening. So it goes real deep it is an awareness in the way that we are intuitive but unlike the spleen and smell and taste this is feeling and sounds tones..etc

This is in a way but obviously different to feel. But its all about information and again in the solar plexus what information do you get when you touch things..Touch people. Does life touch you. Ra Uru Hu said this is the sci-fi stuff when we get to the inner vision..feeling and touch. There are so many layers to it. I  also go as far as to say this is cognition that needs time. Its cyclical just like Feeling. The more things touch you the more insights and information you get. 

Now if you would like to share any of your own personal experiences of what you have noticed with your own cognition and how it is playing out for you and guiding you then drop me a message using the contact form below. I love to hear peoples unique experiences and this knowledge is evolving for sure.