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Welcome to my website. Let me tell you a little About Myself.

Human Design bumped into me back in 2012 and it has been quite the journey since then. Well the one thing I have been on a quest for was investigating the mind and that includes my own. I realized a good few years before this wonderful body of knowledge found me that my mind was out of control.

I was determined to silence it and calm it stop it from being in fear and worrying about so many things that really didn't matter. So I did a few training courses over the years of which included Beauty Therapy, Reiki and Hypnotherapy. These were all wonderful in helping me and others too.

Then Human Design came my way and that connected more dots for me. It showed me a lot of what I knew about myself already and some new things I had no clue about. I do have to say when I first dived into all the knowledge I was confused and a lot of it made no sense to me. But over the years I discovered that it was not too difficult and that there was a simple way of piecing it all together. This website is a way for me to share my own insights and experiences. 

I love this knowledge and I know it works and it is important to me that it is delivered in the correct way so that I can help others. I do for the most part write my own words as how I understand this knowledge and insights that I gain through my own experiences.

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