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What Is The Generator Aura

Below is a little video I made about my own experiences as a Generator how my aura works and other little bits for you to digest. I was in my flow as a quad right so my awareness wanted to share this with you!

To be a Generator or a Manifesting Generator means you have an aura that is OPEN and MAGNETIC. It draws everything to it. It's like a black hole I feel. Our signature nature is to be here in these life forms to Respond to the life that comes to us and to be satisfied. Now a lot of people can find that confusing. Let me help you with that.

You could say we are reactive to whatever stimulation comes to us. It could be a bird singing in the garden. That is enough to get our attention and energy. The actual Key for us is to allow things to PLUG into our Sacral Center if we are Generators. However, as Manifesting Generators, you guys do things a little different. It is more about who and what they are going to PLUG their energy into or not. Now in the body graph pictured above next to the video which is actually mine...I will explain this a bit more.

So in my Human Design Chart, you can see there are shapes that got color to them and some that are white. Those are all energy centers. The ones that have colors are consistent with an energy supply on tap 24/7 Now the sacral center is the red square above the bottom brown square. 

This is the center that makes us a Generator. It is a motor if I can put it that way. It allows its self to recharge when it has used up its energy. We got this when we sleep. So it is important we use it well and efficiently. Now the question is how do we do that. Well, this is where we got certain internal laws to follow.

Now the key for us Generators is to allow others to come into our aura and ASK us whatever it is they want to ask us. Then we can tune into our body intelligence to see if we have the energy for this person or situation or not. Now, these laws I will go over with you briefly here. However, during your Generator Reading, I will go through this is much more depth and detail.

So now we got some new language to learn. What I am going to do is use my chart as an example, that way it will help you see a bit clearer the words I will be referring to. So as you can see from my chart we got some words there we will look at and I have got some little images below which give you a description of what these terms mean. Now to find out about all the centers and shapes you see in my can follow this link to my other page.







All these different words are those built in-laws I was talking about that we will be referring to as your INNER AUTHORITY. This is basically your body intelligence that will help guide your sacral center in how it can decide if it has the energy available or not That PLUGGING IN or UNPLUGGING.

This is very important for our whole well being for a long time in our lives we have been wasting our energy. We have all been deeply conditioned from birth as have our parents and their parents. We come into this world as perfect human beings but soon we fall under the influence of so many outside forces there to be an authority for us. Human Design is actually wonderful knowledge for parents, so they can help their children be themself, live correctly as they have been designed to be.

Below are some descriptions I have created in the image form of the Human Design Language you will see in your charts especially ones you can have done with the MMI Software or the Genetic Matrix Charts. 

Something you might like to do is a little exercise to test your knowledge of what you have been learning. I have created a little image with three questions on it that can help you. I think exercises like this are great. Its always good to see things written down helps you to digest it more etc. So if you feel a response to these three questions you might to pop your answers in the facebook comments or you can contact me. It is great to see your own words expressed your own built-in intelligence. I love things like this it inspires me to be creative.

I offer advanced charts should you wish to purchase one. I can do the following:
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