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Welcome to Human Design Generator Evolution

Great to have you here! So have you got questions about your design that you couldn't find the answer on Google? Here at Human Design Generator Evolution, I have a lot of great resources.

Human Design bumped into me back in 2012 and it has been quite the journey since then. I decided it was time I shared my experiences with you and my knowledge that I have gained these last 7 years. 

I am into my first 7 years of de-conditioning and I thought it was time I dedicating my website to us Generators as I know exactly how it feels as I am one myself. So without further ado let's explore some more!

Human Design is our blueprint, our DNA we have inherited form our parents and ancestors. It also shows you those powerful tools you have within you so you can make decisions correctly. The Human Design system refers to this as following your Inner authority and the strategy of your aura.

It is an experiment and takes a lot of time and dedication to really study this deep powerful knowledge and to decondition ourselves and live the way we were designed to live.  So let me be your guide to walk you through understanding who you truly are. I do trust you will enjoy your visit.

I have such a passion for Human Design because it has literally changed my life for the better. Because of this I know it works. I love testing things and gathering evidence and proof and well, that's a huge part of my design.

Anyway, below are some images. They will take you to those pages where you can read more in depth about the different subjects. Human Design is a huge body of knowledge and it takes time to digest the information into your body and absorb it. What Human Design actually does is to reprogram your cells, this is deep stuff.  

That way you can make properly informed decisions from an authentic place within you. This is why it changes your life! And so that is why I decided to dedicate this website to us Energy Types as in Generators and Manifesting Generators since we are the largest group of beings on the planet and I think it is important we truly understand what it all means and how to live correctly and authentically as our true self.

Above are some links to even more pages that I have created which you can click on. There is a lot of information as I said so take your time. Us  generators work things step by step taking our time and making sure we don't miss steps and have to go back and repeat things too much. We want to use our energy well. With that, I am slowly building this website bit by bit. Lots more pages to come as a Human Design covers a lot of different areas to study. 

So please enjoy your visit and I look forward to working with you as I offer private one on one readings and I offer Also a Paid Subscription Forum you can join. It's like an online classroom and it's a great way to really understand your deep mechanics and also to connect with others and share experiences with those who are going through the same kinds things as you do. Below are the Facebook comments so if you got things you would like to share or ask, please feel free to leave a comment. 

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"As Generators, we hold the true power on the planet as WE are the life force energy. We carry all that Re-Sponse-Ability on our shoulders. We got to get wise to the contracts we make as we are constantly contracting out our energy! We have the power to allow others to PLUG into the Sacral Center Generative source. This is exactly like the Generator you use to power up for home. Something to think about! "


BACKGROUND: Gillian came into my life at the exact right moment. Like many, I had been on a life long search to discovering who I am and what I came here for. I was interested in Human Design and had one reading that was pretty expensive, bought my report from a website and several recordings. Sadly all those attempts had not given me any more insight than the free info I had found online. Disheartened and believing HD was just a money-making racket, I backed off. Then one day in a faraway mystic land appeared a woman who was interested in healing rather than exploiting others for their own gain. She had given so much more information without charge than any of the others who charged high prices that I decided to take a chance and pay for a class with her. I did not regret it and would purchase it again with her!

FOR REAL: I could feel right away this was going to be different. I was not disappointed. Gillian has a rare insight to create an experience rather than just an information channel. She called to the depths of me and brought out my design for me to explore in the here and now. I began to see myself for the first time in 51 years. Then I began to know myself and understand how to truly listen to my own intelligence for navigating in this plane. My physical health improved, my emotional health has improved and above all my spiritual health is so improved. I learned that all three are spiritual and impact each other on many levels. I can't begin to tell you how different my life is. The richness and depth of my awareness now are beyond anything I imagined. Living life on the surface has always grayed my vision, this is what I was always looking for, vivid real awareness. I think I could write a book about all the beautiful ways my life has shifted to the correct for me. Gillian took me deeper and awakened my ability to move forward in life in a brilliant color. If I could wish anything for everyone out there, I wish they could spend some time with Gillian.

Julie From Texas

ve I have created a new Human Design Forum. This is a great way to be part of a nice little intimate online community where you can explore more of your chart with others as well as myself. 

It is called Human Design Foundations

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